Monday, August 27, 2012

No Realty is My Reality

Need I tell you that Wonky House went to someone else?

I do hope they enjoy it.  I know we would have!

So, here we are, back at square one.  One more house is on the horizon.  We'll call it the Ding Dong House.

Ding Dong House has three bedrooms and one bath.  It has a garage and a full basement, living room and eat-in kitchen. 

And that's the good news.

The less-good news is that the previous homeowners decided to house an aquarium or a bathtub or waterslide in one of the bedrooms.  It was in a corner next to the wall of the second bedroom, and the water rotted out the floorboards.  Rather than fixing it or fixing the aquarium/bathtub/waterslide so it wouldn't leak all over the floor, they just covered it with plywood.  The water ruined the underlayment as well as the floorboards in both rooms.

The lesser-good news is that our erstwhile homeowners decided to take all the copper pipe out of the house before they gave it up.  That means ALL of the plumbing in the house has to be re-done.

Then there's the sliding glass door that leads out to the deck.  It's a perfectly fine door, but it's in one of the bedrooms.  Imagine having to go into someone's bedroom to get out on the deck or into the back yard...not the best situation. 

The trees have to be trimmed before they break and fall on the house, but at least there are fully-grown trees!  Lots of shade.  The outside could use some sprucing up as well, but it's nothing some paint and shutters and the 354th Marine Division couldn't handle.

It also needs a new water heater, furnace and air conditioning unit.  The old ones have been "red tagged" so they can't be used.

The property has been foreclosed on, so we're hoping we can get it from the bank at a reasonable cost, then fix it up and either rent it out or sell it.  I have no doubt that this house will go fast.  I'm only hoping it might possibly go to US.

In the meantime, to hone my mad skilz as a decorator, my friend Cindabel and I will be taking decorating classes.  Except these classes will only help if you want me to decorate the whole house in icing.

We're taking cake decorating classes.

They start the 4th of September, and I must say that while I never thought I'd want to do something of this sort, I'm really kind of excited about it.  Cindabel is bringing the cookies for us to practice on, and I'm bringing The Girl to help me in my woeful lack of artistry.  I'll keep you up to date on how things go...

...or how the cookie crumbles, so to speak.

With love from No Realtyville,


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