Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Bungalow

Yes, Ding Dong House was sold.  No, it wasn't to us.

However, rather than be discouraged, we are moving on.

And on....and on....

I present to you, Beautiful Bungalow!

Not so beautiful, huh?

But after some yard work and some major painting, it should be almost habitable.  :)

Actually, it could be a really cute little house.  Two bedrooms, one bath, full basement, dining room, fireplace in the living room, sun porch in the back, medium-sized front porch, and see that double garage in the back to the left?  Half of it belongs to this house.  We'll have to find out more on it, such as who pays for a new roof, etc.

And then there's the kitchen...

Yes, you're seeing correctly.  The walls of this kitchen are painted BLACK, while the cabinets are painted a lovely fire engine red.  Not only that, but what you can't see is that the refrigerator (on the left) is six inches above the floor, built into the wall.  And believe me, it looks like someone just decided to take a big broom closet and turn it into a shelf for the refrigerator.  Kind of...weird.

This is our latest candidate.  We should find out in a week or so that someone else has purchased it, if things run consistently.  If not we may have a fixer-upper!

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solar bipolar said...

Such a great opportunity for your imagination to run wild--Good luck!