Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Ayem Redoux

I wonder sometimes why it is that I am awakened out of a sound sleep at somewhere close to 3 ayem in the morning every. stinkin'. time.  Is it because it's God's best time to talk with me, here in the quiet of the house?  Is it because I'm worried about something?  Is it because I got a bad batch of Ambien and it wears off halfway through the night?

Tonight's malaise seems to be no different. 

I watched two episodes of Friday Night Lights - and by the way, where WAS I when this show originally aired?  I'm so thankful to have Netflix so I can watch shows as if they were movies, with no commercial interruptions!

But back to our regularly scheduled programming...

After watching my shows on Netflix, Hubster woke up and found I wasn't in bed with him.  This necessitated a search of the premises, which consisted of him lumbering down the stairs to find me in my chair.  I was sternly chastised and told I certainly wouldn't be able to get up for work in the A.M. if I didn't haul my hiney back to bed.

So like the good person I try to be, I went back to bed.  Two trips to the bathroom later, I gave up and came back downstairs.  It is only now, almost an hour later, that I am beginning to feel the strains of the day release in some fashion.

The Girl is having problems relationally.  Son is having problems relationally.  Hubster and I had a verbal knock-down-drag-out yesterday.  The moon, it is full, and all the crazy that has been locked up in the loony vault comes out when this happens.  It would be nice if the moon would just stay that nice little crescent in the sky, but NO!  It has to go and turn FULL on a regular basis.

And I can't sleep.  Am I part werewolf?  Do I need to howl at the moon?

Perhaps this is the impetus I needed to write again.  Mayhap I was worried about not having my lunch for tomorrow packed and ready to go.  Could be that I went to bed too early.

In the end, only God knows.  But I sure wish He'd let me in on how to sleep all the way through the night.

Any time now, God.  Any time...

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