Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Kan Spel, Tew!

For the past several months I have been playing Words With Friends and Word Feud.  Both games are knockoffs of Scrabble, and both are available on my Kindle.  Hubster says we are inseparable.

(That would be me and the Kindle.  Of course, it also applies to me and Hubster, but in a totally different way.)

I have had five games going at the same time, but I realize there are those people on the WWW that are TRULY ADDICTED, playing many more games than I do at one time.  Truth be told, I rarely go a day without playing at least once.

Or more.

But I CAN STOP AT ANY TIME.  Really.  And other than experiencing the hankering to count the point values of every letter in magazine articles, I'm a mentally weird sort of way.

So you will find it no surprise that I was just tickled to discover the RANDOM feature on Word Feud.  It puts all the TL and DW and other extra point blocks all over the board in a...well...RANDOM way.  That means you could actually triple your word score THREE TIMES if you hit the correct blocks!

(Believe me, I am fully aware of how completely nerd-esque and also lame it is to get so excited over this.)

I am easily amused.

But I kick some serious butt with this game.  And it is sad to think this is one of the only things I do well.


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Linds said...

Games on the kindle?? I do believe it has just shot to the top of the I need list. It was close, but it is now top. Which one have you got? Keyboard? Touch? Fire? The Fire is not available here yet, but the Touch is out in a couple of weeks. That is the one I am aiming for. You do not want to know how long the list is all of a sudden, especially as the tumble drier is now held together with duct tape. I do like duct tape. Geoff would be so proud.Hmmm. I CAN'T READ THE WORD VERIFICATION and that makes me feel like a fool......