Monday, March 05, 2012

Another Three Ayem Blog

Sleep, that precious commodity, eludes me this last few days. I find myself rising at ungodly hours to sit in a chair, wondering why it is that even my friend Ambien seems to have abandoned me in my time of need.

I walk through the days like some zombie, caffeinated to the gills in order to continue forward progress without falling over. I am beyond tired, having reached that point sometime in the wee hours of last week. This week I seem only to be able to gaze through a mist of weariness, squinting my eyes to try to see what lies ahead.

Please don't ask me to actually think about anything or make any quick decisions. Your best bet would be to find a soft place for me to land when I eventually keel over.

In the meantime, it looks like infomercials and Oreos will be the fare of the morning. Breakfast of champions, and all that.

Unless I can sneak a nap in...

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