Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where Passion Lies

I am an organizer at heart. 

I like to find ways to make things work by putting them into their own little slots where they do their own little things to work together to make one big whole wonderful machine that clicks along without problems or headaches or worries.  I like charts and spreadsheets.  I love to be the person with the answers to the questions people ask.  I want to be the one directing the show.

Some people would call that being bossy.  I prefer to think of it as having a take-charge personality.  :0)

Nothing pleases me more than when I can help people by using these talents.  That's one of the reasons why I love my job so much.  I get to do what I know makes a difference for people every single day.  Whether it's organizing a furniture purchase for the entire building or finding someone to unclog a toilet, I know my job helps people.

How great is that?  How many people can say that about what they do for a living?

Career takes on a whole new meaning when you're doing something you love to do.  Whether it's as a homemaker, someone on an assembly line or an executive position, if you really want to do what you do it colors your entire life.

For so many years I was stuck in one or another of those do-it-to-pay-the-bills type of jobs.  All of them had one thing in common;  I despised each and every one.  Whether it was selling newspapers or the coating for the outside of speedboats, cement or ice cream, I dreaded going to work each day.  But there was a bright side.

Some days and some jobs were even worse than others, so there was actually a "Best of the Worst" category.

That's why it's so important to me to stress to my children that they need to find their heart's desire above their monetary desire when it comes to employment.  They have the luxury of choosing what their lifetime will be spent doing.  When I was their age, I did not.  I had to put food on the table.  It is only by God's grace that I fell into this position.

The Boy has artistic talent.  So much so that he's been invited to go to New York next year to participate in a class.  He's already done a master class here with someone from the Art Institute.  His take on things? 

"Art won't pay the bills."


Since when did I raise a PRACTICAL child?

I have only a few short months to change his mind.  We'll see what classes he takes in his first year of college, but they'd better include ART.  Because if he isn't happy, he may be out of a job.  And if he's out of a job, he may want to move back in with us.

And that, my friends, just ain't gonna happen in this lifetime.  Not if THIS momma has any say about it, that is.

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