Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Unknowingly Vacated

My friend Ambien and I have a love/hate relationship.

While I have written about my nighttime escapades before, I may not have let you know that I tend, at times, to both write blogs and comment on posts while under the influence.  This in addition to sleep-eating.

All in all, it makes me a fun kind of gal to be around.

A couple of nights ago I apparently commented on a post someone at church had put up about their mom's health.  I offered to be a listening ear any time they wanted to meet for coffee.  So far, so good.

But then I made a totally off-the-wall comment about something that was on my mind that night.  And as I read it today for the first time (since I don't remember writing it in the first place) my mouth dropped open in horror.  I'm sure this lady must think I'm just a couple of bricks short of a load.  Needless to say, I deleted the comment right away.

The funny thing is, I'm sure this happened during one of my midnight strolls, or Ambien Ambles, as we've come to call them at our house. 

Boxes of cereal have mysteriously been opened and half-eaten.  Posts are written on my blog.  Emails go out to people concerning the things or people I'm worried about.  Comments are made, regardless of whether they make sense or not.

And the next morning I can't remember a blessed thing about it.

I asked the doctor about this silliness, and she told me it was just something I'd have to live with.  A side effect of the medication.  A small price to pay.

I'm thinking I may have to end up sleep-driving my car down the freeway in my birthday suit, singing "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy" and waving a flag out of the window before I'll be able to change her mind.  (Sorry for that mental picture.)

In the meantime, please forgive any untoward or unusual postings from these regions.

Just consider that my conscious self may have vacated the building.

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