Thursday, June 09, 2011

In Which I Am NOT the Saviour of the World

Fooled YOU, eh?

I bet you thought, "That Chris, what would we DO without her regulating our every breath, telling us not to stick our fingers in electrical outlets, keeping us from running with scissors?"  That very idea runs through your mind constantly, doesn't it?

Well, apparently YOU are one among two.

I seem to think at times I am needed to organize the lives of those around me.

For instance:

My father's wife was recently diagnosed with cancer of the kidney, which has spread to her spine.  It has been causing her a great amount of pain for the past two months since it was misdiagnosed as an inflamed nerve.  She was taking pain medication, but the medication didn't seem to touch the pain.  The doctor prescribed a patch for pain, but my father mistakenly dosed out pain pills on top of the patch.  Needless to say, this resulted in a couple of ambulance calls.

Dad is in poor health himself, suffering from emphysema.  He's on numerouse medications just to keep breathing.  He's never had to actually take care of himself before, much less anyone else, so the church has been bringing in meals.

Sis and I live 250 miles away.  Her daughter and son live in Florida and Canada, respectively.  It's hard to parent parents from so far away.

So being the take-charge firstborn that I am, I called Dad and asked if it was OK for me to contact the hospital Social Services person to at least see about getting them Meals on Wheels.  I also suggested assisted living.  Apparently that went too far.

Assisted living to people in small towns who don't know any better means "Let's see about putting you in a nursing home."  I didn't realize that, because assisted living here means "Let's get you an apartment with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and maybe even a kitchen, in a building with other people who are your age who need a little extra help with meals and taking medications in the right amount and on time and could use some housekeeping assistance."

I was quickly informed they were NOT moving from their house, they didn't NEED meals (even though she's down to 92 pounds now) and I needed to leave it alone.

I'm having a hard time doing that, but I realize it may be for the best.  There are three other children who will likely be listened to much better than me, so for this episode I will be removing the cape, tights and gloves and letting them take over.

As difficult as that may be.

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