Monday, May 16, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...

...which is why we, in our infinite wisdom, decided to grill hot dogs over the fire IN THE FIREPLACE last night.

The Boy brought home a new girlfriend after church yesterday.  This thrills me to no end for two reasons:

1.  The Boy is in a relationship and is somewhat happier than his teenaged angst lets on, and

2.  He actually makes an attempt at cleaning the house before she comes over.  Which is more of an attempt than I ever make, so it can't help but be an improvement.

She (The Newbie) stayed for dinner last night.  Lest you think I am in the habit of serving my family hot dogs on a regular basis, let me assure you we had a good and proper meal for lunch.  Of course, she wasn't there for the noontime meal, and as such she now believes we eat like Bohemians. 

However Bohemians eat, that is.  I'm sure it's better than we ate last night.

But the conversation?  It was unparalleled! 

After our meager repast, we dined on every subject from speeding tickets to marriage, from church to grades in school.  We talked for over an hour, and firmly initiated The Newbie into the social stream of our family. 

Thankfully, she did not run screaming out into the night.

She held her own, this one.  She gave as good as she got.  And we're thinking she might just be one that lasts a little longer than the average bear.  We'll be able to tell more come next week.

Because Sunday is Family Game Night, and she's invited!

Heh heh heh....

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