Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pit of Fire

Today was another chilly day temperature-wise. One of those days where you just want to snuggle up to a good fire with a book and your grandmother's quilt. Oh, and a cuppa coffee. One cannot forget the cuppa coffee.

However, Hubster declared the fireplace off limits. He said he didn't want to chance the stray bird coming in to build a nest (as has happened in the past), and if we built a fire that would surely happen again. He'd already closed off the vent thingy at the top of the chimney for the season and he didn't want to risk us forgetting to close it off after the odd fire today.

He's SUCH a wet blanket sometimes.

I, however, am the SOUL of spontaneity. And as its ambassador to the wet blankets of the world, I felt it my sworn duty to throw a monkey wrench into the mix.

So I did.

I informed Hubster that I NEEDED a fire today. Not only did I need a fire, but I needed it to be OUTSIDE ON THE PATIO.

This was no small feat, being as it is illegal in my neighborhood to simply light a fire on the patio. Hubster knew I didn't want him to take a pick axe to the concrete in order to dig out a pit for the fire, and he wasn't about to build one that was permanent.

So he compromised.

We went to Lowe's and purchased a portable fire pit instead.

And after we brought it home, we spent a lovely hour putting it together.

Let me just say this about that: The sky is a bit more blue because of some of the words I used as we tried to fit the pieces where they were supposed to go. Hubster, however, was the soul of patience.

As soon as we got the pit together I wanted to try it out. Naturally. But we were supposed to go to dinner with friends not thirty minutes from the time it was finished.

"Fine," said I. "We'll just burn the instructions and one Very Small Log."

What I didn't count on was the smoke. The smoke that permeated my clothes, my skin, my hair, and everything else. Needless to say, I was just stepping out of the shower when our friends arrived to take us to the restaurant. A mental picture I'm sure you could do without.

I hurried and finished my toilet, then joined them in the car. We had a wonderful evening. After we got home, I changed back into my smoky clothes and went back outside to start up the fire again. I ended up staying out there until around ten, and ended up taking yet another shower to rid myself of the smoky aroma.

Honestly, I felt like a ham.

I'm sure it won't be so wonderful when the temps reach 100 degrees, but for now it's like having a campfire in my own back yard. I even tried to get the kids to agree to having hot dogs and smores for lunch after church tomorrow.

No dice.

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Linds said...

As I have no fireplace in the house, my little chiminea in the garden is my fire. Oh how I love sitting out there, usually wrapped in 47 fleeces, warching the flames dance. A firepit sounds good too. More flames to watch. I have been known to use the Weber to create heat too. 10 out of 10 to the lady on the fire mission!!!