Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're Coming Down To The Wire

As I mentioned to y'all a while back, our office has been in temporary digs for the past forty two years four months.

And it's getting reeeeeeeally old.

However, we only have a month or two more of Sardine Land left. I know this because yesterday and today I helped choose carpet for the building. And tomorrow I will be in on the choosing of new colors for the walls.

But it seems like forever.

I visited my office while I was in the construction zone, and I may even have shed a tear or two. The plastic coverings had come off of my furniture and it was layered with a thick, almost impenetrable coat of grime. The carpet, which had at one time been covered by plastic and cardboard to protect it, suffered as well. The paint on the walls is marred, the ceiling non-existent. Light fixtures hang from wires, and the upward view is of the cement underbelly of the floor above.

But honestly? I'd move back in today if they'd let me. I love it in all its ugly glory, warts and all.

So here's what I'm thinking...

Maybe I can talk them into finishing off my office first, kind of like a showplace for all the other offices? That way everyone will have hope for a better tomorrow, a shining light to see at the end of that dark tunnel, a glorious ending for the bitter suffering of today! (music swells in the background)

And then I can move out of the godforsaken place just a little early to make it all nice for everyone else! Because I am nothing if not magnanimous that way...giving my all for the betterment of mankind, etc., etc.

And you'll pardon me while I pass out the hip waders...

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