Saturday, May 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time I Wrote This Thing Called A Blog

And then life happened, and the blog got shoved to the side as blogs are wont to do when life does as it is wont to do.

The busy has not stopped here, or at least the worry about the busy.

Next week will be my own personal Hell Week, one that I've been dreading for the past month. The busy-o-meter reading for next week will sproing and possibly even break altogether. I find myself in a constant state of suspended animation just thinking about all that needs doing next week, unable to move because I can't figure out what is the next most important thing to do to get ready.

In the midst of this came a wonderful, lovely Mother's Day weekend where my body decided to do exactly the opposite of what I wanted it to do and caught something akin to a combination of the Dengue Fever and Root Rot. For four days I did nothing but freeze on one end and burn up on the other, only to switch ends an hour later. Add in a cup of nausea and several dashes of other-end-itis, and you have the recipe for a hella Dia de la Madre. No visitors were allowed. They could only drop their welcomed cards and much-appreciated offerings at the altar of the Undead, which was located outside the house in hopes that they would remain germ-free.

The worst part about the whole day? Hubster had preordered dinner from one of my favorite restaurants. He picked it up anyway, and he and the kids enjoyed it while I sat in the recliner, mounded over with blankets and quilts.


Tomorrow begins the baking and the making of the treats for the big Graduation Hoopla set for next Sunday. We'll freeze them and take them out to thaw the night before the Hoopla. The rest of the week goes as follows:

Monday: Doctor and hair appointments
Tuesday: Little Man's graduation from preschool
Wednesday: More baking and making
Thursday: The Girl graduates
Friday: The Big Move to another office building at work
Saturday: More prep work for Graduation Hoopla
Sunday: Graduation Hoopla, collapse into heap

Somehow I'm feeling a bit less than adequate for the challenge.

We're having the Hoopla in an outdoor park and we've reserved a shelter house. Rather than do the tired old "Congratulations, GRAD!" theme, I decided to do bright spring flowers. I got the table covers, napkins, plates, cups, and cute wire baskets in bright colors to put cookies in. And back when I was insane and had less brain cells than I have today, I decided I'd bake sugar cookies in the shape of flowers and decorate them by outlining them in icing and then filling them in with bright colors. Some yellow, some pink, some blue....

Obviously it was during the feverish period over Mother's Day when I decided to do this. Or perhaps I got hold of some bad coffee beans or something. Because even earlier today I was under the delusion I could really pull it off.

And then I had coffee with Sis and she hit me over the head with a ball peen hammer and a couple of two-by-fours. Finally, I saw the light.

And my friend Judi's Bakery saw an order for four dozen cookies.

Oh, I'll bake and make the other treats, never you fear.

Unless, of course, the week ends up being something.

A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.


SingingOwl said...

You can do it, you can do it, yu CAN, YOU CAN! (((hug)))

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, Chris, you totally crack me up with your writing. :) Whenever I need a quick pick me up, put a smile on my face, I just pop over here and, "voila!" I have myself a good chuckle, check to make sure the smile actually stuck, and get back on my "rat race."

I love your sense of humor and how you share it in written form. I will definitely be praying for you this week as you attempt to accomplish your "to do" list. Somehow, I just know God will see you through it! :)

Debbie said...

I wish y ou'd write one again.....