Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cross Your Legs and Squeeze Your Knees Together, It's Gonna Be A Long Day

Things have been a little hectic at work lately.

We're getting ready to move into a temporary building while some issues with our present building are being addressed. Being as there are a few less than eighty of us, moving is more than just a pick-up-your-stuff-and-go type of thing. There are people who need to organize things and make sure everyone doesn't show up on the doorstep of a locked-down building with boxes in hand ready to work one day with no way to get in, no desks to sit at, no phones to use, no coffee to drink, and worst of all, no bathrooms.

That would be where my team steps in.

At this point I can safely say we have a space to habitate. We have furniture. We will have both computers and coffee.

However, bathrooms remain a problem. With 80% of the employee population being female, and with a total of 18 stalls at present for that population, we tend to do fairly well with few complaints. Now, let's see how many stalls we'll have in the temporary digs.


That's right. THREE. As in 1-2-I'm-going-to-wet-my-pants-and-good-lord-what-crawled-up-inside-someone-and-DIED-don't-you-realize-there-are-thirty-other-people-waiting-in-line-3.

I'm thinking of doing a daily raffle for prime bathroom spots and using the money for catered lunches. However, that's really sexist seeing as only the females would be bidding. I could see about making all the restrooms co-ed, but that wouldn't fly with the general population.

Nope, I can only see one valid solution.

Porta-Potties in the parking lot.

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