Friday, January 22, 2010

Dragon Breath

You will be pleased to know that my breath could easily fell a tribe of Pygmies as well as many other assorted nationalities today.

The reason you will be pleased to know this is because you, in your infinite wisdom, are not within olfactory distance of my breath.

If you are as smart as I think you are, you will keep it that way until at least tomorrow.

Today I craved pastrami. However, being as there isn't a decent deli within a short driving distance of my place of employment and I had to make a trip to the bank, I settled for a place called the Jerusalem Cafe. I got take out gyro meat, hummus, pita, and tabouleh.

And lo, I am breathing the breath of Hades (or garlic) as we speak.

Oh. My. Word.

Let us fervently hope and pray it stops oozing from my very pores before the morrow, because even I cannot stand myself at this moment. Peppermints will be at the ready at all times.


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