Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Ruff Week

Son, DIL and Cutie suffered a loss in their little family this week.

Hogie, their loyal canine companion of eleven years, went to home meet his Doggie Maker after complications following emergency surgery earlier this week.

Hogie was like Son and DIL's first child. Before Cutie came along they lavished all their love on him. When they came into town they brought Hogie with them. Since we all have a penchant for going around the house without any shoes on, Hogie would have a heyday licking our toes. It was his way of loving on us.

Of course, not being one who was fond of having her toes licked, I would have to beg off and shoo him away when it came my turn. However, there were times when he managed to catch me unawares and give my tootsies a bath. Whereupon my butt immediately began to chew tobacco.

I do know that Hogie provided more love to my son's family in the few short years he was here on earth than a dozen doggie lifetimes could fill. He suffered the addition of not only another dog, Jewel, to the household during his reign, but also a sweet little squalling baby girl who grew to love him as much as her parents did.

He will be missed, will the Hogster. May he rest in peace.

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