Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

A couple of instances lately have given me pause to think...and laugh until my sides hurt.

Instance One: We are on the way home from the Christmas tree farm. Little Man is belted into his seat in the back of the SUV Hubster uses for work. It's the only vehicle that will carry eight of us comfortably. Eldest Daughter and SIL are behind us in their car, and Little Man keeps turning around to wave.

All of a sudden we hear from the back seat, "Man, Grandpa! Your truck sure is dirty! When our truck gets dirty WE clean it up! Why don't YOU clean up YOUR truck, Grandpa???"

Point for Little Man.

Instance Two: Last night Eldest Daughter and I are in the kitchen fixing dinner. Little Man accidentally knocks into two-year-old Sweetie Pie and bangs her head. She comes running into the kitchen, yelling "Mommy! He bang my head!"

I bend down and say in my best Nana voice, "Oh, poor baby..." But before I can go further than that, Sweetie Pie swings around, puts her little hands on her hips, GLARES at me like I just interrupted her soap opera, and says, "I WANT my MOMMY!!!"

In other words, "Take a hike, you old bag! I TOLD you ONCE what I wanted - do you need a HEARING AID to get the MESSAGE??? Now BACK OFF!!"

I couldn't help it - I laughed until I cried. Both times. Had they been a little older it would have been a lot different, but at this age it's such a joy to watch them. I only wish ALL of the grandchildren could be around so I could see this in them as well.

Another thing about Sweetie Pie's little outburst. It gave me a really good look at myself.

The past year or so I know there have been times when I've done exactly the same thing. God, through friends or loved ones or just through His Spirit has bent down to comfort me. Instead, I put my hands on my quite substantial hips, glared at Him, and said, "I WANT my MOMMY!!!"

Quite an eye-opener, that one.

Yes indeed.

And I think I'll ponder it a while as I go off to the grocery store.

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