Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mice and Men Laid Their Plans But We Went Astray

Long about last Thursday we had Great and Mighty Plans.

The tree was going up. The decorations would be decorated. The cookies would be baked. The songs would be sung, and aye, the holiday movies would be run.

But in our tried and true tradition, only one of those things got done.

We are a sad, sad lot.

Instead, The Girl invited a Vietnamese friend of hers over for dinner. Her friend was not used to "family dinners" where people sit around the table and eat together and talk about anything and everything. Her parents own a sushi restaurant and she's grown up eating and working there. It was nice to see her be so excited about joining our family, and even more fun to play games afterward. When she left to go home she asked if she could come back again!

It's amazing what a little mundane food and lively conversation will do.

Due to our guest being there all we managed to do was put up the tree, but it didn't get decorated. We all agreed to accomplish that little task on Sunday.

But then there was Saturday night.

The Boy had four of his wrestling teammates over after his Saturday tournament. They were hungry, so a late-night chicken wing run was made. And because they were trying to see who could eat the hottest wings and still survive, a whole gallon of milk disappeared. And then they were hungry again and all of the "puppy chow" mysteriously disappeared. And then they all fell asleep and woke up at zero dawn thirty Sunday morning absolutely STARVING and Dad hadn't gotten home with the longjohns from the bakery yet, so ALL of the chocolate chip cookies disappeared, along with what little milk was left from the night before.

And I slept through it all. And yea, I slept until I could sleep no more, and came downstairs to find a disaster area and The Boy playing video games. And the Sword of Motherly Justice smote hard and fast and cut off his access to The Mustang until BEHOLD!!! The area was once again as it was before the Plague of the Wrestlers.

Except for the lack of food, that is.

The Boy and The Girl then went Christmas shopping, and I, exhausted from the events of the previous night and the day so far, went back to bed to take a nap. By the time I got up The Boy was back home and fast asleep in the chair, The Girl was shopping with someone else, the roast I'd put in earlier was done and it was time to eat. Then the kids had homework to do, there was more Amazon shopping, and before I knew it, our decorating had gone by the wayside again.

The Girl has to work again tonight, so that's out. Besides, there is wrapping to do, cleaning to do (HAHAHAHAHAHA....sorry, that one just slipped out), and dinner to be made. Not enough hours in the day at home, I'm afraid.

It's looking more and more like Christmas Eve.

But then again, that's tradition, eh?

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Linds said...

Smote. I LOVE that word. I am going to use it as often as poss. Ah, my friend, you make me shriek with laughter. I am wiping the tears here. I nearly choked on the coffee. I personally think you should get a laser sword thingy which lights up and flashes and start waving that around with vigour as you issue edicts. It would be colourful. But please get one of the little darlings to take a photo for me to see!