Monday, November 09, 2009

A Better Mood, A Better Day Tomorrow

Rain is falling softly outside my window as I write. Is there any more soothing sound in the world?

Today was beyond hectic at work for my people. They were running like the proverbial headless chickens trying to get things done, because this is our busy season. The next two months will test the merit of any employed by our not-for-profit.

After work I stopped by La Casa De Sis to pick up my digital photo converter and to see what wonders she had wrought with her kitchen. It is indeed glorious to behold with the new cabinets, stove, sink, countertops, floor, etc. I was duly impressed.

And I truly cannot wait to show you some of HER earlier photos.


But for now, the eye must be on the prize of Thanksgiving. 30 people here in about two weeks. Groceries to buy, house to clean, bathroom to finish, living room to finish, and does anyone know a quick flight out of here that will last past the end of November? I promise to leave lots of TV dinners with turkey and dressing for the crowd....

In the meantime, I'm truly thinking a good massage is in order. And tomorrow being Tuesday, I'm thinking that's a good enough reason to celebrate with a massage. And since the place where I like to get massages is open tomorrow, that's the third good reason to go. Plus, I made these really killer chicken enchiladas tonight for dinner without complaining or anything, so I should totally deserve a massage. And I already have tomorrow's dinner planned to go into the crockpot as soon as I drag my sorry behind out of bed, so that gets me extra massage points.

I think I could manage to treat my boss well tomorrow, talk his boss' assistant into telling me I really need to get a massage, then sport a really hang-dog look until I can get one of my employees to tell me how much I look like I need one. Then not only will I have earned massage points, but I will have been ordered by the almost second in command to get a massage (kind of) and my employees will think I'm pitiful if I don't, which will place me in a lesser position of power with them unless I do.

Yep, I definitely need to get a massage tomorrow. Plus, it will help me sleep tomorrow night.
And it will make me a better person to get along with after I get home tomorrow. It will improve my circulation, work out the kinks in my neck, and maybe even get rid of this propensity toward headaches I've been having lately.

As a matter of fact, it may save the world as we know it and initiate world peace while getting rid of hunger in underdeveloped countries.

Yup, I'm thinkin' the massage is a good idea.

Now if I can only convince Hubster...

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Debbie said...

No way he could deny you a massage... and remember every word you say to him, because if it works, I wanna try it on my hubby!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! LOL