Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm In The Mood For Lunch, Simply Because It's Near Me

Funny, but when it's near me, I'm in the mood for lunch....

My office sits right next to the Executive Boardroom. The Executive Boardroom is the place of many meetings, the majority of which have food involved.

After all, we are a not-for-profit.

About a year ago there were so many meetings with food attached that they started auctioning off the leftovers to benefit missions. But since I eat lunch late, it was all gone before I could get any.

However, there is another thing that bothers me about all the food.

It is all the food.

Oh, not the food itself. It's the SMELL. The tantalizing aromas that come from just across the hall multiple times during a week.

From my office I can smell every single morsel of food that goes in or comes out of the Executive Boardroom. All the savory soups, the tasty sandwiches, the hot pastas, meats, vegetables and salads that are mere feet away from my grasp...but might as well be on the other side of the moon.

Because Interpeeps? I don't ever get invited to partake. Because I'm never part of the meetings held in that room.

Which is why I am down to skeletal proportions now. Just skeletal, I tell you!

You may all collectively play your teeny-weeny violins for me now.

I'll just ease my pain with these powdered-sugar donuts from the snack machine while I listen.

1 comment:

Linds said...

Violin and harps playing as I speak. It is an OUTRAGE. I suggest you whimper at the door. We cannot have skeletal. That means bony and we all know bony is not under any circumstance, desirable. At. All. We do not do bony. Eat, girl!!!