Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Live With A No-Change Artist

Hubster is the one true love of my life. Truly, I don't think I would have ever found anyone better for me than he is.

There is just this one little quirk about him that tends to get to me just a teensy, weensy, itty bitty bit.

Hubster hates change.

Any kind of change will do. New shoes? "Why? The last ones are extremely comfortable, and have become air-conditioned due to the new vents in the sides and soles. Plus, they can double as puppets since the bottom is separated from the top of each shoe, especially since I took the duct tape off to replace it. New shoes hurt my feet until I get them broken in."

On new t-shirts: "The ones I have are perfectly good! There are only a few small holes here and there, and if I hadn't worn them to work they wouldn't be stained so badly, but they're perfectly good shirts...really!"

Uh huh. Right up until Sister Scissors and I get done with them.

He's been drinking the primo coffee from the Keurig machine (another battle) for a few months now. I made the mistake of buying some flavored creamer for him which he ended up loving. As a matter of fact, The Boy is in big trouble now because he used the last of Dad's creamer and didn't tell anyone.

So today I made the supreme sacrifice and went to Sam's Club to get the super-duper sized. Only guess what?

He didn't like it because it isn't supposed to be refrigerated. He also didn't like the pump instead of pouring it. He worried it wouldn't all be used by the expiration date. It was too expensive.

By the end of all this worriment I was ready to take the dang stuff back, but he acquiesced and said he'd try it for a while. We were all grateful.

When it comes to edibles, there are to be no changes in anything. There should always be mashed potatoes with the pepper steak. If I serve pasta instead, I hear about it. If, God Forbid, the pasta is a different SHAPE than the last one I bought, he notices it. It "tastes different" or isn't as good.

He's a hoot, my man. But he's mine, and I think I'll keep him.

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