Thursday, August 06, 2009

Happy Birthday To You

Today is the birthday of my dear, sweet Hubster.

At 64, he's the perfect age for a grandpa, and he plays the part oh, so very well. And he's no slob about being Dad, either.

When the youngest kids were little our house was the house where all the neighborhood kids came. The neighborhood kids weren't looking for our children - they were looking for "Dad" to come outside and play.

And he did not disappoint.

Hubster is a child at heart. Most parents would keep their children inside on a rainy day. Not Hubster. He was the first to tell the kids they could go outside in the rain in their swimming suits (or without them) to play. The joy they had playing in that huge "sprinkler" far outweighed the risk of them catching cold.

He was also the one who came up with The Room Inspector. The kids were told to clean their rooms because The Room Inspector was coming. If The Room Inspector didn't like what he saw when he "inspected" while they were outside playing or at a friend's house, he would tear the entire thing apart - sheets off of the bed, mattress askew, drawers emptied out - the whole nine yards. The kids never saw him - just the aftermath of his visit. And then we'd help them clean up the whole room and do it again the next week.

Because we're more than just a little weird.

April 1st used to be his holiday and his alone. Every year he'd make up elaborate tales to tell. Every year he'd wake the kids up on that day and pull the wool over their eyes. And every single year they'd fall for it. Whether it was a call from "Colonel Hawkins" to tell them their names had been selected to ride in a fighter jet to telling them one of them had been caught by a camera running a red light in a stolen car, he fooled them every time.

And they loved it.

Now that the kids are older they're on to him. We're just waiting for him to start again with the grandkids. I can imagine having all the six-year-olds in the neighborhood over every time we babysit.

"Can Mr. Hubster come out and play?"

Sure kids. Just as soon I can get his cane.

And so it shall be, forever and ever, amen.

Happy birthday, my love!

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Awwwww...that was sweet!!!