Friday, July 03, 2009

Tonight, Food Network. Tomorrow, The World!

Today was extremely restful.

That is, if you don't count the hard work I went through sleeping in until 10:30 a.m., getting up, eating, watching television, taking a nap, and generally lazing around all day.

It could really wear a person slick. It's a good thing I'm in shape.

One of the many and varied activities of the day included watching programs on the Food Network. One of the shows included a recipe for some coconut flan, and I have to tell you it hit home in a big way. I do love me some coconut flan. So I determined right then and there to make some. I went to the grocery store again today and picked up what I needed, then came home and whipped it up.

What is it about the Food Network and the DIY Network and all the rest of those networks that make me think I need to get up off of my keister and do things? Especially things that 1) cost money, 2) take time and energy, and/or 3) mean a plethora of calories.

It is obvious I am a sucker for being shown how to do something. Given that, I'm thinking there needs to be something called the Housecleaning Network. Something that would walk me through cleaning the house every day, if only I'd watch.

There'd be Laundry With Lucille, Dusting With Donna, etc., etc. Of course, all the programs would repeat after running once for those of us that work during the day. I'm thinking it would be easy to sell cleaning products on this network during commercial breaks, which would more than support the shows.

It would be kind of like an exercise channel for the unfit, only this would be for the dysfunctional homemaker. Like me. And maybe you.

Interested television executives may make me rich and famous by purchasing this idea. You just never can tell. It may actually be one of the better ones I've come up with in the past lifetime or so.

So if you happen to be a television exec and are looking for a new and fresh idea, contact me here at the blog.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying some more of this delicious flan.

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