Monday, July 27, 2009

Tackling the Monster

Interpeeps, I've been busy.

Saturday I got tired of moaning and groaning around and decided to get off of my quite substantial behind and do something. The office area here at La Casa de Me has been in more than a shambles for more than an acceptable time.

As a matter of fact, acceptable went over the hill about a year ago and never showed its head again.

I was wishing I could do the same.

However, because we have now slaughtered our FOURTH mouse (and there is at least one more) I decided to de-junk de crappola in de office so there would be no place (at least in there) for them to hide.

It was a mammoth task. And it ain't done yet.

All the stuff from Mom's had migrated into the office. The kids decided the office would be a good place to dump everything from blow-up mattresses from camping trips to piles of dirty socks. It was as if some tornado had blown the junk from the whole neighborhood into one room and left it there.

Or it looked like a teenager's room. Take your pick of comparisons.

At any rate, I have been in such a funk lately that I didn't want to tackle it. The whole task was just more than I could face.

So it sat there, not cleaning itself. The nerve.

And then came Saturday.

I started in one corner. Got that done, stuff put away instead of moved to another spot, then shampooed that section of the carpet and set a fan facing it so it would dry faster. Then I moved to the next corner.

Then I got this brilliant idea to move furniture around as I cleaned. I enlisted the help of The Boy and Hubster, and ended up moving two seven and a half foot bookcases across the room to frame the door. Then I had them move the kids desk/file cabinet to the opposite side of the room.

Then I was a favorite in my house. Not.

Frankly, I think they were all glad when I gave up for the night. Heck, *I* was glad when I gave up for the night. But at least we can walk through the room again, and that's a plus in my book.
Now all I have to do is come up with the "wanna" to finish it.

The monster hasn't won yet.


Anonymous said...

Since you're in such a "cleaning mood"... feel welcome to come defunk my house!!!


Anonymous said...

The monster must hove're M.I.A.!!!!! LOL