Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Duped By American Advertising Yet Again

Take a look at this. Does this not look succulent? Does it not look like you get big chicken pieces, a couple of bites each, maybe, with some sort of tasty yet spicy sauce? Does it not look like something you could eat with a side of rice and veggies and be perfectly satisfied?

Yeah, think again.

The actual dish from the unnamed chain that produces this little wonder (it rhymes with "Bendy's") bears little resemblance to the photo above.

And to tell the truth, I'm just a little bit ticked off about it.

I've been hankering for this little entree ever since I first saw the commercial. Having been an officianado of Buffalo Wild Wings for a while, I was hoping to find the Next Great Cheap Drive-Thru Wings Place. Suffice it to say I did not succeed.

I went at lunchtime today, mouth all set for a taste delight. After waiting for fifteen minutes in the drive-thru I got my order and ...

...drove to McDonald's to use the WIFI in the parking lot as I ate.

Oh hush.

As it ends up, I should have actually eaten at McDonald's to begin with. I got my just desserts.

The chicken "chunks" ended up being nothing more than different odd-sized chicken nuggets - thin, hard and dry. They were covered with what resembled a sweetened, thickened, Italian dressing with red pepper flakes mixed throughout. While it was palatable, it was certainly not worthy of the name "Asian Chicken" or even "Badly Done American Imitation of Asian Chicken" and it is certainly not worth the over $6 I paid for the combo version (with baked potato and drink).

Wendy's, you disappoint me. I didn't expect to be duped by a little girl with pigtails.

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