Thursday, June 11, 2009

'Cause You Gotta Have Friends

I know who you are.

You lurk, supposedly unseen. You come in the early morning hours, noontime, afternoon, and in the dark of the night. Your internet servers are located in Muskegon, Vicksburg, Blue Springs, Charleston, Greenwood, Bloomington, Fort Collins, Charlotte, Powder Springs, Huntingdon, Northamptonshire, Denver, Calgary, Trenton, Italy, Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbia, Taiwan, Gatineau, Jacksonville, Sellersville, Honolulu, East Saint Louis, Brighton, Fresno, Japan, Kansas City and other many and varied points.

You are single. You are married. You are divorced. You are widowed. You have dogs. You have cats. You have no pets. You have children. You want children. You can't abide children. You can take or leave children. Children weren't in God's plan for you. You have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You are young, middle-aged and not so young. You are mostly women with a smattering of brave men. You are writers, photographers, homemakers, office workers, managers, child care providers, teachers, pastors, and those from many other walks of life. You are white, black, green, brown, purple, yellow, pink, blue, red - but you are all golden.

You live in the city, suburbia, on farms, in the mountains, in apartments, houses, condos, mansions, cracker boxes, and trailers. You love fiercely, even though you may be too shy to say so. You have a wonderful sense of humor, a compassionate heart, and obvious good taste in blogs. You would comment more, but you don't want me to think you're (a) fawning (b) stupid (c) commenting just to see your comment in print. Or (d) you're just a wee bit like I am and don't comment nearly enough.

(NOTE: I don't care. Comment anyway!!!)

Come to think of it, you're darn good lookin', too. Have you lost weight?

And all of you, each and every one of you, have read this blog in the past two weeks.

Bless your little pointed heads. Bless 'em all to heck and gone.

If I had you here right now I'd give you a big 'ol hug and kiss on the cheek. As I don't, you are allowed to stay up an extra ten minutes tonight. Or go to bed an extra ten minutes early, whichever you prefer. Heck, go ahead and take a NAP if you want!

And tell everyone the crazy broad who lives here said you could.


Linds said...

I am here and I am NOT LURKING!!!!! It is ME!!!! No, scratch that. I would rather be some mysterious glamourous thing in my early 30s, from New York. I could be this whole new person. The sky is the limit. I am stunning, incredibly intelligent and successful, and ....

Hello? I am back. Reality check.

Chris said...

I knew YOU would come out of the woodwork with that one. :>)

Are there others???

Sean said...

i don't lurk. i keep apprised of situations without making a fuss. :-P

danelle said...

Denver here! I'm the one reading late at night.

Anonymous said...

Guess it's time to come out in the open huh? You caught me... To show you how "computer dumb" I am, I had no idea you could tell where people are reading from!!! Have been reading you for months and months and I have to say it again,!!!

Debbie - Vicksburg

Anonymous said...

I've been caught?! All you share is so enjoyable. Christian, wife, mother, grandmother with no Google or Blogger account. Will this comment even go up? Who thought anyone would notice little old Muskegon? Have a great weekend!!