Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And The Rain Came Tumbling Down

The estate sale company has been busy at Mom's, organizing, pricing, throwing out stuff that will never sell and should not be donated.

Sis refuses to set foot inside the house. She hates them with every fiber of her being, along what they're doing. No matter how nice they are, no matter what good they're doing, she hates them. She wants them OUT of Mom's house. She can't stand the fact that strangers will be coming to pick over the things that are left like vultures. She despises every foot that will bring every body into our private world and desecrate Mom's house.

And honestly? I thought it wasn't bothering me. I thought I was handling it really well. That is, until Hubster and The Boy went over there to mow the yard late last week. That's when they encountered the estate sale people hard at work, organizing away. They'd taken all the doors off of the kitchen cabinets in order to better display what was for sale. Tables were set up all over and covered with whatever they could find in the house to sell.

And it was then I knew Sis was right.

We know this is probably the hardest part of the letting go. We realize it has to be done.

We just don't have to like it very much.

We know things will be very different when we next see the house, but neither of us can bear to see it now. The sale begins this Friday. I've taken the day off, because not only is it the first day of the sale, but it is the one-year anniversary of the day we lost the "real" Mom. Funny how that worked out, huh?

No, it isn't.

I have more things to put in the sale, but I'll load them into the vehicle Hubster and The Boy take over there to mow the lawn this week. They are doing a much better job of dealing with things than either Sis is or I am.

In other news, we have torrential rain coming down. I plan to backstroke home. Thank goodness I parked next to the door.

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