Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am in a mood.

I got up mad this morning, and it hasn't abated. Not one little bit.

I stopped by Starbucks to get a drink. That involved driving past the workplace, where I noticed someone had ALREADY taken my parking place. When I got to Starbucks I had to wait in line for FIFTEEN MINUTES to get my drink, only to be met by Miss BlondeCheerfulHappySmileyChirpy, whom I promptly punched* in the face as I headed out with my venti iced mocha nonfat w/whipped. That it took FIFTEEN MINUTES to obtain. Because now I was late to work.

When I got there I promptly put off doing the job I've been putting off for the past two weeks, told everyone to watch out and brook me a wide path, punched* out two employees that didn't, and headed back to my lair with claws out and frightening death-glare in place.


I can't find a good book to download to the MP3 player, because every time I try to do such a thing, my computer at home gives me an error message.

And then, just for good measure, it restarts.

I blame Joshilyn Jackson. She seems as good as anyone to blame, so today I'm blaming her. Shame on you, Joshilyn!

I am now hungry. And "beezy" (as The Girl would say). I have no book. And I have a headache the size of Dixie, or my behind, whichever is bigger. Frankly, I'm betting on my behind. And to top things off, some yayhoo is running a CHAINSAW outside my window at the moment.


Xanax and Anacin and a dark room are in my very near future. In that exact order.

And I may not come out until after the weekend is over.

I think it would be best for all concerned.

*only in my mind, Interpeeps. Only in my mind.

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