Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me And Hoopty Are Parting Ways

Oh Interpeeps! It almost killed me to use incorrect language in that title, I'll have you know. I am almost dead here. And I may have to change it yet.

But on to the reason for my inane verbiage.

I have missed you in the few days I've been gone. However, I cannot tarry as I type this little update.

"Why so?" you ask.

Because my computer is shooting craps yet again. Yea and verily so.

But don't cry for me, Argentina! Hubster has finally for sure and indeed OK'd the purchase of a spankin' brand new laptop! After seeing the angst I was suffering due to having to reboot every 3.7 seconds because the computer is now FREEZING UP that often or shutting itself off or both, he acquiesced.

It was either that or suffer the slings and arrows of a crazed madwoman (is that redundant?) and wonder if he indeed was going to awake ALIVE the next day or if she in her madness would bash in his head with said computer as he slept, thereby causing him to awake NOT alive.

Yes, levels of insanity are running high here.

So, armed with the ads from the Sunday paper and a computer that WORKS at my place of employment and a lunch hour, I shall valiantly endeavor to find a replacement for my Hoopty Desktop.

In the words of the immortal song, "Got along without you before I met you, gonna get along without you now."

And let that be a comfort to us all.


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