Friday, April 17, 2009

The DTs - Weekend Two

The computer, God bless it, has been taken by ambulance to CHINH (Computer Hospital In Nephew's House) to be operated upon. Hopefully we will hear back sometime this week that the surgery was successful.

We decided to go this route rather than having the computer doctor at my workplace labor long and hard on the repairs because (1.) I don't have health insurance that covers my computer, even though it has become like a member of the family, and (2.) my nephew IS a member of the family and thereby much cheaper than the guy at work.


This will be the second weekend I've been without. Frankly, it's driving Hubster up the newly-painted walls of the living room.

You see, he's used to having his own "space" - his own little area in which to do what he wants. To watch whatever television show he wants to watch, to put his shod foot upon whatever new piece of furniture he wants without fear of retribution, to eat chips upon the aforementioned furniture without being called down.

With me unoccupied elsewhere (read: on the computer) he can usually accomplish all of the above. But let me be without, and he suffers. He suffers mightily.

So we're both hoping he'll be able to sweet-talk nephew into a rush - although very safe and competent - job on the computer.

Our marriage could hang in the balance....or my neck in the noose.


Susanne said...

You're hilarious. But what's even funnier is we can totally relate and know EXACTLY what you're talking about! LOL.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh...we're the opposite. Well, sort of. My hubby is too energetic and busy to land anywhere, so he just barely tolerates me being on the computer at all. If I get up to pee he shuts it down and closes the roll-top!