Monday, April 06, 2009

The Computer Ate My Blog

My computer is dying.

Every few minutes it reboots, telling me there is some dire error of some sort. Me being me, I ignore the dire error message and plod on, cursing the demons that caused the error in the first place, laying hands on the keyboard and invoking them to depart from the computer.

However; being as there are no swine for them to inhabit nor a pond for them to drown in, they choose to remain in my computer and laugh at me.

And the crashing goes on. Every 3.4 minutes, or sometimes just as soon as I boot up from the last crash.

This, children, causes foul and obnoxious words to emit from my mouth which should not be uttered by grandmotherly types such as me, nor by little mouths such as yours.

So today I am relying on my work computer (shhhh!) to update you.

Film at 11.

1 comment:

Linds said...

Your computer's days seem to be numbered. Thank heavens you have another one to use!!!!! We will not mention its loaction though, will we.
I have just been weighed and had height measured. You will be thrilled to hear that I appear to be growing at a rate of 1cm every 3weeks. We will not mention the rate at which the reading on the scale is whizzing round. I wondered if the wretched thing would ever stop.

This is totally unrelated to your post. I think the head is also whizzing about in an uncontrolled fashion.