Monday, January 19, 2009

There Is No Joy In Mudville

It was not the stellar day I had hoped it would be.

Apparently, someone in Santa Monica, CA has decided to steal my debit card.

It started off with a phone call from Incredible Edibles, letting me know that the huge fruit basket I'd ordered for Antwonnaya Johnson in Sacramento could not be delivered because my debit card didn't go through. Would I like to give them another card number?

Uh, no. I think not.

I got all the information I could from them, then went to check out my online statement. Sure enough, my balance was zero. Two days ago there was a little less than $2000 in there.

I called Visa immediately and had the card shut down. The perpetrators had already tried four times to withdraw cash from different ATMs and failed. As it was, they spent several hundred dollars on clothing, gift baskets, computer software and other items to clean me out.

The one saving grace to this whole thing is that Visa said they will cover every last cent.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH! from the congregation???!!!

That seemed to set the tone for the day. The washer, dryer and television which were supposed to be delivered between 10:30 and 12:30 didn't show up until 1:30. I was snippy with the delivery guy, and had to apologize and explain why. Then it seemed as if everyone immediately wanted to know how everything worked and all the ins and outs of everything all at the same time, even before I had a chance to read any of the manuals. The Boy HAD to wash clothes IMMEDIATELY. Hubster couldn't understand why we couldn't get the television to get all the channels it was supposed to. The Boy wanted to know how to add detergent. Hubster didn't like the way the picture looked, and could we adjust it?

I was about to scream.

And then it was almost time for the fridge to come, and we hadn't cleaned out the old one yet. We barely finished as the delivery guys walked in the door. I was, of course, mortified when they pulled out the old fridge and I saw all the crud growing on the floor. I started cleaning immediately, but couldn't finish before they had the new one ready to install. They were kind enough to leave it out so I could clean and then push it in before they left.

But before I could get it loaded up, the questions started again.

"How long does it take for a load to wash? How about to dry?"

"Is there anything we can do to get rid of the shadow on his face? Did you find out about the UHF channels yet?"

And then my head exploded. The end.

Not really.

I actually got through the day without murdering anyone, maiming anyone, or driving off a cliff. I think that qualifies as a good day.

I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.


Mary said...

Well, first off a mighty big HALLELUJAH(as requested). You know you really should consider taking your home brewed hilarious material on the comedy circuit. What doesn't make you cry or laugh or shake your head in disbelief is not worth expressing.

You seem to have this ability to see the humor in almost any crazy day.

Keep posting the stories.

Linds said...

HALLELUJAH from the congregation here too. At least Visa gets something right!
And I agree with Mary. You should be on a comedy circuit. Positives from your day... you have CLEANED UNDER THE FRIDGE!!!!!! Your self control has reached new heights. You still have a live family, and hey what was the other thing...... you have NEW appliances!

HeyJules said...

And that now explains why you didn't answer my email at work!

Honey, everyone has crud behind their old's part of life.

Tell everyone else to chill out and take a deep breath.

Sucks about the Visa sure you aren't living with a few con artists???

Carol @SheLives said...

So glad Visa took care of it all.
So glad your head did not explode. So glad to be blogging with you again!

groovyoldlady said...

3 cheers for your Visa Co!!!

I've definitely had days like that. Definitely.

Oh yeah. Definitely.

And you didn't kill anyone?