Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, Oh, Oh, Ice-Cold Milk And An Oreo Cookie...

I want a cookie.

I deserve a cookie. Or four. It isn't enough that I had a hot fudge sundae made with peppermint ice cream tonight after two helpings of soup for dinner.


I think it's the hibernation thing coming out in me. Cold = EAT. Of course, Hot = EAT, and Warm = EAT, and Tepid = EAT, so basically Anytime = EAT.

No wonder I'm the size of the Goodyear Blimp.

Of course, I was extremely good today, nutritionally speaking. That is, if you don't count the hot fudge sundae. Whole grain cereal for breakfast, hot and sour soup for lunch, and a hearty vegetable beef soup for dinner, heavy on the vegetables and light on the beef. Homemade, at that.

But it's now around midnight, and the Oreo Monster is lurking. There's ice-cold milk in the fridge, and I'm thinking I deserve an award for staying up so late to get laundry done for tomorrow.

Watch out, Oreos. You are not long for this world...


Mary said...

I most certainly hope you went for it ;)

Linds said...

You are speaking to the woman who cannot understand why the hidden stash of chocolate is gone. Especially seeing that she is the only one in the house, and the empty wrappers are clearly visible. It is a mystery to me. Groan. So I hope the cookies are history. We blimps should stick together!

Janet said...

The Girl Scout cookies I ordered were delivered last week...the ones I was going to put in the freezer. Yup..they never quite made it.