Monday, December 15, 2008

There Were Flurries

...of activity as well as snow yesterday.

When one has gone six months without cleaning the house, one finds it hard to begin. Anywhere. It's a daunting task, to say the least.

Not that I have ever been a stellar housekeeper, mind you, but things in my neck of the woods border on unsafely unclean. As in ugh. And yuck.

So I began yesterday by cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and putting down new shelf paper, reorganizing as I went. MIL was there to supervise, so we chatted and I shuddered and cleaned and cut and organized and shuddered and cleaned and cut and organized some more.

To let you know how bad it was, I only got about half of the kitchen done. It seems one of our rodent friends has visited in the past six months and left calling cards. Dishes had to be rewashed, shelves sanitized, shudders shuddered. I stuffed a couple of SOS pads into a hole I found, but I'm buying a whole box of steel wool to pack it with tonight. And some rodent-type eat-this-and-die-far-away stuff.

And the cleaning will continue.

I also made a roast beef dinner and a pot of soup, then used the remains of the roast beef dinner to make a shepherd's pie. We have dinner taken care of for the week, more or less.

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

In other news, I seem to have developed Linds-itis. My left knee is almost useless as a joint, but does wonders as a throbbing ball of pain. I'm off to the doctor today to see what wonder drug he has for that. It's been this way for the past two weeks, gradually getting worse and worse. Silly me, I kept thinking it would get better with time. Don't I know I'm an aged being?

It's all Linds' fault.

I tried to get everyone to help me put the tree up last night as well. I told them we didn't have to decorate it, but it would be nice to put it up, if only to say we had. They all looked at me and rolled their eyes. Looks like we've started a new tradition... presents in front of the fireplace instead of under the tree.

When I told them we were indeed pathetic because this was the second year in a row we wouldn't have had a tree, they tried to argue with me. Thank goodness I had documented our lack of spirit last year as well, proving them wrong. They were amazed. Amazed they didn't remember, amazed we didn't have a tree, and amazed it meant so little.


Oh, that there were little children in this house again!

Then THEY could do all the decorating work.


Mary said...

You are absolutely right to blame Linds for the knee - I have thought of blaming her for my knee as well - so has Judith. Still, under the recent circumstances I think it is best that you be the one that blames her out loud (she will be more tolerant of you), I will blame her secretly (even though she has this extraordinary ability to read my mind) and Judith will refrain from any blame (at this stage!). Deal?

I threw the tree up two days ago - after daughter whinged and whinged about it (must say - she was less than enthusiastic about actually helping. I even went out and bought some new lights (the old ones were just plain ugly. And yes I had to battle the cords all on my own.

On waking this morning I looked at the tree and realized that I had forgotten to turn the lights on yesterday eve. It is taking me a little while to get into the spirit of things here!

Perhaps I am too tired from sorting and cleaning and packing and unpacking all my teaching resources that are jammed into the carport (contract finished).

Thankfully - no rodents.

Spiders? Now that is a totally different story.

Oh boy - just realised I have practically done a whole post here ;)

Take care now!

Linds said...

Well. How nice of you both to moan about me infecting the world's knees. Specifically yours. And Judith's. Personally, I think it is because you all love me, and are developing Lindskneeitis in sympathy. Humph. I would mention this amazing new condition to your doc. And I certainly hope he can cure it, because then you can let the rest of us know! Did you know Mary was actually going RUNNING today??? Lunatic. She may have a touch of the sun of course.

RODENTS??? You know me and rodents! Kill them dead I say! Industrial strength whatsits should do it.

And my dear, I do belive that stomping one's foot and demanding the tree be up by tomorrow or no food is a fine Christmassy way to go. Nothing like Christmas cheer! The young baggages can do it. Lovely kids. I have spoken to the girl. She would LOVE to sort the tree. I just know it. Tell her the nice lady in England has spoken, and that I may speak to her when I get home. Bribery works too.Sean? Are you there? Your mother needs the little dears to put up the tree. Do something!