Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taking A Moment

I'm here in the office alone. Everyone has left for the day after our Christmas reception, and I'm taking a moment to gather myself.

The greatest part of the shopping is done. There are still a few gifts that can wait to be purchased until next week, since we won't have Christmas with part of the family until New Year's Day. All I need now is some stocking stuffers to finish out the kids' Christmas and I'll be good there.

The kids put up the tree yesterday with the help of Boyfriend and Pseudo-Daughter. The Girl said it's comforting in an odd way, kind of like we have a part of Mom there with us. I figured if they could put up the tree, I could cook the dinner.

So last night, armed to the teeth, I fought my way across the grocery store and purchased almost all I needed to make Christmas dinner. Turkey and all the trimmings. I'm still missing sweet potatoes and midget sweet pickles, but another trip to a different store should remedy that in short order. The cooking will begin as soon as I get home.

Thank you, God, that I've done this before and know how. Otherwise I'd be up that famous creek without a paddle, it would be frozen solid, and I wouldn't even have any skates.

I just wish this place in the middle of my chest would quit aching. That comes from dreading the day tomorrow, I know. But life goes on, and so must we.

Because getting used to Christmas this way will take much more than a moment.

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Linds said...

I was just thinking about you and there I saw you had posted. My prayer for you today is to just look around at the faces at your table and drink them all in, in a sense, Chris. Just love the moment. It may be a really difficult day, but everyone understands.And here is a huge hug for a lovely lady too!