Thursday, October 09, 2008

Frankly, My Dear, I'd Rather Be Somewhere Else

I can see this place in my mind just as if it were real.

The entry is a red clay road that's just been graded. It winds its way through a canopy of trees, which should be turning riotous with color about now. The air is crisp - just cool enough for a flannel shirt and jacket.

There's an old shed that's been converted into a garage, and that's where I park my car. A soft rain begins to fall, and I hurry to unload and take everything inside. I walk up the gray flagstone walk to the porch of the cabin. There's a porch swing on my left and a woodpile on my right so I won't have to go far to feed the fire. The screen door squeaks as I open it and unlock the front door.

Inside there's a big rag rug over the wide-planked wooden floor. To my left is a table with four chairs. To my right is a big, antique-iron double bed. The mattress is as soft as a cloud. There are homemade patchwork quilts covering it, a nightstand with a lamp next to it, and another rag rug at the side. The bed is tucked into the corner facing the fireplace across the room.

In front of the table and chairs is the kitchen area. It has modern amenities, but looks to be antique. Wooden cabinets hold dishes, utensils and cookware. There's a small stove, oven and refrigerator, along with a garbage disposal and microwave. Checked gingham curtains are at the windows. Through the door on the back wall there's a mudroom that houses the washer/dryer combination, ironing board and iron, and the pantry. A door leads to the back steps. A small utility closet to the left holds the water heater, furnace and air conditioning units.

In front of the bed, in the center of the room facing the back wall, there is an overstuffed couch with an overstuffed chair and ottoman on the right, a large, padded rocker on the left. The chairs are placed to take advantage of the huge fireplace on the back wall. There are end tables with lamps at either end of the couch, and a reading lamp by my favorite chair. A large rag rug covers the floor. There are more quilts on the chairs and couch to snuggle in while I read.

All around the fireplace are bookshelves, which fairly burst with volumes of pages to explore. There is a small space on one shelf that houses a sound system, and the remainder of that shelf is devoted to music. All kinds of music, from classical to new age.

In the corner to the right of the bookshelves there is another door that leads to the bathroom. The tub is deep, and perfect for long soaks. There's a shower, sink and toilet as well, with storage for towels above the toilet. More rag rugs are used as bathmats and foot-warmers when standing at the sink or getting out of the shower.

Outside the windows there is a forest of trees. Birds sing and crickets chirp. Squirrels run by with nuts to bury for the coming winter. The stream running next to the cabin is clear and cold. Wildflowers abound, and their beauty is something to behold.

This is my place. This is where I go when things are stressful and there seems to be no end in sight.

And maybe some day, some day before I die, it will be real.


Linds said...

The only thing my place has in addition, is my sewing machine and cupboard of supplies. I dream too.

HeyJules said...

I'll go halvies with you...