Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Job Is A Go(o)d Thing

Thank God for my job.

Not only have they bent over backwards to be kind and understanding during the hell that has been Mom's illness, but they've done more than that. They've supported and prayed for me. And that's meant the world.

Today I found out Mom had a heart attack on Monday. They thought it was just irritation of her esophagus at first from throwing up so much blood, but numbers don't lie. According to the doctor it's her second. The first was during the stroke.

I must've had a glazed look in my eye, because so far two different people have talked with me and prayed with me about it. People who care. Not only about Mom, but about me.

And that makes this job a very Go(o)d thing indeed.


Linds said...

My eyes are glazed too, just thinking about it. Thank heavens you work there, my friend.

Just Me said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. So glad to hear you've got good co-workers around you, that can pray with you and for you both. That's a blessing!