Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In Which I Come Out Smelling Like The Proverbial Rose No Matter What Son Says

I walked in the door tonight and announced we were headed back to SuperCuts.

The Boy moaned.

He groaned.

And then I said his sister was going with him, and SHE would make the decision about how to cut his hair so that he would resemble something other than a child whose finger should be stuck in a dike. And I threatened that if I sat down I was not getting back up.

For anything.

And so we left, but not before The Girl had a chance to print out a photo of the movie star she wanted her brother to resemble when all was said and done. Of course, when all was said and done her brother looked nothing like the movie star, but that's neither here nor there.

I was off the hook. And that's all that matters.

The Boy actually THANKED ME for screwing up his hair in the first place. Not that it was ever my fault to begin with, mind you. (See previous post) His hair is now short, spikey, messy, above his ears, stylin', and if he were a girl I'd say it was SASSY. It's better to play football in 100 degree plus heat, dries faster, has style instead of just hanging there, and makes him look about seven inches taller.

And he REALLY likes it.

And because it was a misunderstanding with the "stylist" we had, the newer, better version we got tonight apologized all over herself for the poor job that was done the first time and cut The Boy's hair for free.

And I REALLY liked that.

So all is good here. No matter what Cutie's dad has to say about it. :P


Linds said...

Ignore Cutie's dad. You ARE A GOOD MOTHER. You took him back. And it was free! Think of all the money you saved. He won't have to have an unlimited supply of paper bags to wear on his head for the next few weeks.

HeyJules said...

What a redemptive moment for you! Tell the boy if he wants to have a few photos taken on Sunday I'll be glad to put him in the mix. I wouldn't mind seeing that sassy hair cut myself.

Sean said...

<calling on my inner Glenn Close circa "Fatal Attraction">

"I will not be ignored linds"

</end movie quote>

I never said she wasn't a good mother. I just said she wasn't a good hairstylist.

Chris said...

Cheeky, isn't he?

That comes from his father, Linds, not me.

Of course. :>)