Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Pain Of The Price Of Gas Is Eased By An Award

I'm a simple human being.

When I'm tired, I get cranky and stay that way until I get sleep. When I'm hot, which happens most of the time, I get cranky until I get cooled off. When I'm hungry, I get cranky until I get fed.

I think you see the pattern here.

Along with that comes my need to vent to humanity as we know it about the innermost secrets, feelings, and foibles of my life, albeit in what I hope is a somewhat humorous way. It's a stress reliever. It's my creative outlet. It's therapy.

And in some ways it's survival of the highest caliber, given that I would probably go off on some sort of naked, running-through-the-streets, belly-dancing-with-a-lampshade-on-my-head tangent without it.

You're welcome for that mental picture.

And that's why I was so surprised to be the recipient of this very nice award!

Linds over at Rocking Chair Reflections was kind enough to bestow it upon me, mostly because I believe she's just a bit batty herself and birds of a feather, you know, are better than two in the bush. And in turn, I'm supposed to pass on the love. So here goes:

Jon over at Ransom Note Typography has some hilarious posts that make him my first recipient. I don't really know how I found him, but I'm glad I did. He makes me laugh.

Another person that makes me laugh is Quinn at The QC Report. When you read her blog you will discover that she is, indeed, Quinn Cummings of childhood television and movie fame, and that she is more or less a regular gal that just happens to have a heckuva sense of humor and a wicked talent with a word processor. When she gave up acting and picked up a pen we were all blessed in the humor department.

Last, but certainly neck and neck with the crowd, is Melanie of This Ain't New York. She's made me chuckle more than once over the critters from the pond out back, and since she's moving I'm looking forward to new and exciting adventures.

Congrats all!


Linds said...


Gee thanks! I wish I could draw the image I have of a batty old woman in my mind.

My pleasure, my dear.

Jo said...

Congratulations on the award Chris.

I could have really done without the mental visual of the naked lady running through the streets...etc...etc...etc Now that you have exposed me to crack my next stop will be the Betty Ford Clinic. I sure hope that you and Linds will drop by from time to time for a visit.

Have a great day...

Chris said...

Linds, you have to know I meant that in the most sisterly, lovable way there is, because I share the same trait.

Jo, so sorry to have burned that image into your mental retinas forever. Perhaps a good stay at BF will help...

Linds said...

I know. I know! Just thought I would wind you up a little! I still have this bizarre image runnign through the brain.....And Jo - you can be relied upon to make me shriek!

Quinn Cummings said...

Thanks for your lovely words. And darn you, because all those lovely words means I have to write something this week.

And it's hot.