Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coffee Is Supposed To Take Care Of This

This morning HeyJules and I had the monthly coffee talk that we missed earlier in the month. It was great to catch up, being as with all that's been going on we haven't had a chance to see much of each other lately.

Since it was such a special day, I decided to try a different drink instead of the usual venti nonfat mocha w/whipped at our local Starbucks. I got one of the newfangled drinks where they mix whey protein powder with a banana and add chocolate and a shot of espresso. For $3.75 I expected it to be somewhat like a coffee/chocolate/banana smoothie.

What it was? Pretty bland and tasteless. Even with the added shot.

There was enough left in the container so that I could get them to fill part of a glass for HeyJules as well so she could taste it. She did, and pronounced it bland before I ever got the chance to taste mine.

So Starbucks? Two expert opinions of the new, "healthy" Vivanno drink?

Thumbs down.

Vivanno™ Nourishing Blends - Chocolate Banana
Freshly prepared with a whole banana, bittersweet cocoa, 2% milk and our own proprietary whey protein & fiber powder and ice.

In other news, the lack of caffeine, even with the shot, apparently set off a migraine of vast proportions. I spent the next four hours in bed dreaming of lightning bolts blowing up the trees in my yard and starting fires and tornadoes attacking my house. Hubster is working on the neighbor's house, and he came home to check on me to see if I was still alive once. I finally got hold of some Imitrex and managed to become somewhat human this evening, but it's been a rough day.

I think I need some coffee.


Linds said...

Nothing to beat the caffeine in the end. But great you caught up with your friend!
I hope your migraine is gone, Chris. And if necessary, that you stay in bed all Sunday too. Maybe your body is trying to tell you to slow down a little. (I am an expert in listening to one's body, as you know so well!)

Hmmm. I just looked at the word verification. I need a magnifying glass. I do not like visual challenges at the crack of dawn. Lots of u's v's, w's which DO.MY.HEAD.IN!!!!!

Jo said...

Wow sorry to hear about your bad coffee experience....caffeine is always the answer, no matter what form it comes in. They have announced the closing of a "BUNCH" of starbucks in Ohio. Every other day the news reports a few more stores that will be closing in the central Ohio area. Now if that isn't news worthy of the 2 minutes they give it I don't know what is. It even takes presidence over the hit and runs that have become common place.

Hope you are feeling better.

groovyoldlady said...

There is only one thing that I order at Starbucks - unadulterated coffee with extra, ya know, coffee in it. No frou-frou for me. No cream or frothy crap or sugar or cinnamon or, Heaven help me, bananas. Bananas in coffee? That's just plain wrong!!