Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OK, I'm No Longer So Verklempt

Tonight a couple of things happened.

First of all, I went to Mom's house to do her laundry with her soap and fabric softener since I knew the brands she used wouldn't break her out and I had no idea what those brands were.

Secondly, while I was there God decided to deluge the earth with rain, causing Mom's basement to flood while I was in it doing laundry. I was kept busy sweepiing water out the garage door for two hours.

Let me just say this: I've had better times in my life.

Thankfully, The Boy was there with me. He helped to keep the sump pump running. Then Hubster came over and we moved some antiques that were stored in the basement to be sure they wouldn't get damaged if the rain kept up tonight.

There is something to be said for the exercise one can get taking that push broom to all that water.

Unfortunately, I do believe I'd get booted out of the blogging world for using that kind of language.

This is a family blog, people.

And this part of the family is going to bed.


HeyJules said...

Oh Chris! Well, God probably knew you needed a little stress reduction right about now. Broom pushing seemed to be the way to go.

Now excuse me while I go check MY basement...

(never occurred to me to check until just now.)

Susanne said...

We had a deluge here on Tuesday, too! I've got a pic of what happened around here up on my site. It was insane. All the Canada Day celebrations were cancelled. Thank God I only got very little water in the basement and in the laundry room which ran straight to the drain.