Monday, June 30, 2008

Something's Afoot

After a couple of weeks of stress, I had to break out the big guns.

Yes, I went for the pedicure and Sangria.

Don't judge me. I couldn't help myself. It was either that or half a bottle of Xanax, and since the pedicure and glass of Sangria didn't require a prescription it won out. Actually, I showed enough restraint not to ask for seconds and thirds and mores on the Sangria, so I feel I accomplished something.

Especially after the past couple of weeks.

Besides, after wearing nothing but sandals and thongs (yes, I said THONGS, because flip flops are what CB radio enthusiasts see you on - they are not things to be worn on your feet) my feet were in sore need of pampering. My back and shoulders were also in sore need of pampering, but as the nail salon does not offer massage, I had to settle for the massage chair instead.

And it was very good.

Very good indeed.


Linds said...

Sounds perfect to me. I need a pedicure. And sangria. And a massage chair. And....

HeyJules said...

Mmmm...glad you got a moment to yourself.

Did The Girl tell you I saw her at HL last night? I forgot to tell her I liked her haircut so please pass that info along.