Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Deeply Weird Dream Sequence Which Should Be Made Into A Motion Picture Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Night before last I did not sleep well, even with the help of my little friend, Ambien. The thought processes just would not stop rolling through the few poor, overworked brain cells I seem to utilize. My legs and feet were cramping, no doubt from All The Walking I did the past couple of days.

You know, the half a block to the bus stop and back can literally cripple. Be warned.

Anyway, last night I decided I probably needed to relax a bit more before going to bed. Looking in the fridge, I found (1) a bottle of white wine given to me by the cleaning company last Christmas with "Season's Greetings" and holly on the label, (2) a bottle of Bailey's that was purchased some eight years ago to have with coffee in celebration of Valentine's Day, and (3) a bottle of Yago Sangria that I received from my sister-in-law as a personal shower gift for my wedding shower....EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO.

Yeah, I'm sentimental that way. I save liquor bottles with the liquor still in them to remind me of special occasions.

Well, one special occasion anyway.

So I decided eighteen years was long enough to let the Sangria age to its full bouquet. I peeled off the cover and screwed off the top (the sign of a QUALITY wine), then poured out a paper cup full of the stuff.

And yea verily, it was good.

Just to make sure it was a Romantic Moment In Time, I made Hubster take a sip. Being as he doesn't like any type of wine, he automatically pronounced it nasty and went to rinse out his mouth.

It was a moment we'll cherish forever.

After watching CSI New York, (a piece of dramatic genius where someone drowned because an entire bathroom filled with water and I had to know WHY? WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS??? And really, what a gross way to go...) I headed to bed.

I fell asleep almost immediately, and slept like a log until this morning. As the alarm went off I did the "fifteen more minutes" thing and dreamed a bit more. Then I got up and rushed off to work.

On the way to work I listened to talk radio, something I almost never do. There was a commercial for the upcoming Rush Limbaugh show. "Over 50% of all emergency room accidents in a certain period of time were attributed to snowboarders between the ages of 10 and 24! And WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT, MR. LIBERAL OBAMA???"

I started laughing so hard I almost had to pull off the road. And somehow, that made me remember the dream I had in my fifteen extra minutes.

It seems as though I was reading through some blogs and found one that had an offer for free electric cars. Knowing my readership is in the single digits, I decided to call my BFF Sophie, the writer of BooMama, to see if she'd write about it on her blog so more people could take advantage and save money and the environment and not have to ride the bus with Speed Racer the Demon on Wheels.

Because of course, I have her phone number because like, we're best friends and we talk on a regular basis. And we have so much in common because I'm a grandmother and she's a young mother and I'm into wearing the same outfit every day and she's into FASHION! and all.

Sophie welcomed my call with her warm, Southern accent, and I immediately fell into my very own warm, Southern accent so that she could understand what I was saying. Because we all know that The South is a totally different country and they speak a totally different language.


She told me she had seen the post about the cars already and that she AND HER TEAM were working on a post to get the word out. She thanked me for calling and asked me to call again soon, because she missed talking to me.

Me too, Sophie. Me too.

That was the second time today I laughed with great abandon. It's a good thing it was raining and I decided to drive instead of riding the bus. People might have gotten the idea I was a bit strange or something.

And the greatest thing? It was all in Technicolor and Surround-Sound.

When I dream, I dream big.


boomama said...

Well, we should definitely talk more often.

This racks me up. :-)

boomama said...

And it cracks me up, too.

Because "racking me up" would be a completely different - and, I daresay, unpleasant - experience.


Linds said...

Hysterical.... I can never remember my dreams but I am sure they must feature some stellar bloggers too!

Linds said...

Boomama on the rack??????

angeljoy said...

Perhaps we are a bit obsessed with blogs?

Considering my personal addiction, I'm surprised I haven't had a dream like that!