Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 2 Of The New Experience: In Which El Autobus Es Muy Tarde

Split-second timing. That's what it takes to run this city's transportation like a well-oiled machine. Split-second timing.

And that could be the reason I was late to work this morning.

It seems we still have a few kinks to work out between the number 53 and the number 51 route. One of those is that the 8:04 bus needs to actually SHOW UP.

But hey, I'm petty that way.

Instead, I had to wait fifteen minutes for the next bus to show. Of course, being the manic/anal/OCD person one might think I am, I brought out the printed trip plan which PLAINLY STATED what time the bus was to be where I was standing. And as I was muttering to myself about mothers who never stress the importance of BEING ON TIME to their children (ahem, pot calling there?), who obviously grow up to drive a bus and make people late for work, a kindly gentleman approached and asked if he could assist me.

Gee, I dunno. Got a bus in your back pocket?

I thanked him politely and stopped acting like a bag lady. Although I now know how some of them got that way.

They rode a bus.

Tonight I will be taking a later bus home than I did last night in hopes of avoiding Speed Racer, the Devil on Wheels. Remember what I said yesterday about getting carsick? Yeah, he almost made THAT dream a reality. He went so fast that he couldn't stop AT the stops, but managed to brake hard enough to slide in twenty feet past, while throwing the passengers forward a good three feet.

It was scary.

The highlight of the evening was meeting up with Price at the last stop. What a surprise! It seems as though we share a stop, if not a bus. He was so proud of his pupil. I had to hand him a Kleenex and tell him to stop being such a pansy in front of all the other people...

Not really.

So, we're off to the Metro again. I can't wait to see what wonders tonight brings!

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