Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Can All Relax Now. The Crisis Is Well In Hand. Or Not.

I don't know if I shared this with y'all or not before, but I am a woman of a certain age. And being a woman of a certain age, I am entitled to all the privileges and depleted hormones thereof.

Wherein lies my problem of late.

You see, one of my myriad of physicians thought it would be an excellent idea to prescribe Premarin for me, being as I was alternately shrieking like a banshee at him, removing copious amounts of clothing, or bawling my eyes out. Pick one...I could do all of them in less than thirty seconds flat. Or sometimes all at the same time. Or any combination of the above.

And it all seemed perfectly normal to me.

Except that I was a little on the nutzoid side of the fence, if you get my drift. And that tends to make doctors uncomfortable. So they give you drugs. Sometimes many, many drugs.

So I took the Premarin like a good little girl, and all the crazies went away. Only then I found out that the Premarin? It has been linked to cancer.


Premarin = GOOD

Cancer = BAD

So I chose to discontinue the Premarin.

Let me just say this about that:


Today I went to the local Wild Oats, and a very nice Holistic Health person guided me to natural supplements that should calm the beast within somewhat. I really was very impressed with her. She must deal with a lot of women like me.

Know what impressed me the most?

She could understand me through my muzzle.

I think I'll send her a nice Chianti.

Oh yessssssssss........


HeyJules said...


Now THAT was funny...or not. LOL

groovyoldlady said...

Well, I am a woman who is the in the pre woman of a certain age stage. Right now my belly is the size of a beach ball - and no, it isn't a prop from last night's photo shoot. I am so sick of PMS and MS that I am praying for no mess. Oy!

What did the tree-hugger have you buy? Does it work? (No offense to her, I hug trees too....on occasion.)

MichaƩle said...

The nutzoid side of the fence...I welcome you to it becuase I have been here for about the past 5 years. I'm in such denial that when my doctor asked me on my last appointment if I was experiencing any anxiety or depression, I of course lied and said no. And I just turned 40. But I have three teenagers...that could be it, huh?

I saw your comments on Quinn Cummings blog. I've been addicted to reading new blogs lately and loved yours! Have a super day!

Bev said...

None of my girlfriends agree with me, so you may well not also. I chose a female gyne who had not only already gone through menopause, she specializes in it, has presented papers, lalalala and she prescribed hormone replacement for me, I trust her, because really why would I go to a doctor I didnt trust? and she told me I should take it til I'm at least 60, I've been on it three years, she told me it's the right combination to not be a scare, and that it protects my organs, can prevent alzheimers, etc. etc. so I take it dadily with no side effects, at all. Many of my girlfriends run to GNC but they're still miserable, and shrinking while I watch. When she told me it does immense good to my overall health, that was good enough for me to trust her and go with it.

Pilot Mom said...

Chris, just for your info my mom took it until the last week of her life and she was 90+! She went off it a few years after moving in with us but went back on it in a few months because she couldn't stand the hot flashes! In her 80's and still experiencing hot flashes! OY!

I haven't heard the cancer stuff but I did read and hear all about the stroke/heart stuff at the time I was experiencing my stroke. UGH. It killed me to go off it. But then, my doc prescribed cymbalta for my nueropathy I have in my legs and feet from diabetes...WOW! It took care of the hormonal 'issues' too! It's actual use is for depression. I will NEVER go off it!!! It's my new premarin! :D