Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just A Little Bit Of Heaven

It's a balmy 34 degrees F (that's 1.1111111 C for you, Linds), meaning the 'ol hairdryer trick actually worked!

Well, either that, or the God thing. Whichever one you choose to believe. :-)

Thank you all for whatever part you chose to play in making sure we survived with power. We appreciate it more than you know...especially after living through a week without it in a previous ice storm!

We are cozy and warm here in our abode. The menfolk are in the kitchen this very minute whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Last night they baked brownies. It's heartwarming (and behind-widening) to see a father-son team at work in such a culinary endeavor. They mix and they taste and they bake and they look just so dang cute you could pinch their little cheeks!

Oh dear. I AM a grandmother, amn't I?

Tomorrow the weatherman says it will be 29 degrees. If the rain stays stopped, that may or may not mean slick streets to contend with on the way in. The Miracle Maintenance Man has been forewarned of this and will be spreading a liberal amount of ice melt over the parking lot and sidewalks to make sure the working folk have a reasonable chance of making it inside without bodily injury once they reach the parking lot.

The Boy is taking out the first pan of cookies now. I don't need to tell you about the smell, do I? That heady, chocolaty, warm, mouth-watering, let-me-just-jump-right-in-and-drown-in-you-baby smell? Yup, that's my downfall right there. If I couldn't smell them, I'd be just fine. As it is, I'm sunk.

The Girl is doing laundry. Right now she's asking everyone if they've seen her pink polka-dotted underwear. I don't think it's crossed her mind that we don't normally venture into the realms where her pink polka-dotted underwear would habitate. It's too scary a place to think of going, to be quite honest. I mean really, a person could venture into her room and never be found again. It's like some sort of Black Hole or something.

Then there's me. Sitting here, doing what comes naturally. Not cleaning, not paying bills, not giving myself a pedicure. No, none of that nonsense. Instead, I find myself chronicling our lives for your enjoyment and reading pleasure.

And it's just a little bit of Heaven here on earth.


HeyJules said...

You had homemade chocolate chip cookies and you didn't call me to come over? Oh boy...I see who my REAL friends are.

I had a whole package of Little Debbie's so nanananana.

His Singer said...

Yeah, well you have a COLD, too. And although I love you to pieces, I'm not in for that ride again right now, thankyouverymuch.

Besides, I knew you were still alive because I drove by and checked on you on the way home.

Linds said...

It is -2 here. C. And I have to take the boy out to help at Crusaders. I want a fireplace! And a cosy quilt. And a glass of something decadent. Getting the menfolk to bake sounds an excellent plot. I will mention this to the boy. I will eat whatever he creates. I wonder if it will work???

groovyoldlady said...

It's ALWAYS cold here in the winter -snowy and icy. Of course I do live in Maine...

I'm really missing my older kids this year. The little ones don't cook or do housework. They don't stay up for late night boardgames or movies. They don't have the same favorite cookies and meals.