Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Coming Out Of My Silence Long Enough To Explain Before I'm Silenced Again

The past two weeks or so have taken their toll.

So much so, that at the end of last week I found myself in the state of Beyond Exhaustion. That's located just south of Doing Way Too Much and east of Trying To Please Everyone.

It's not a place you want to visit, much less live.

Last week alone I had a birthday for The Boy, an office decorating contest and shindig, and the BIG office Christmas party. The One I'd Been Planning All Year big. The Stress In A Basket big. The It's All Up To Me So I Can't Blow It big.

And by the end of it all I was melted into a puddle on the floor of my office.

Oh, everything went spectacularly well. I couldn't have asked for better reviews from everyone who attended The Events. But it left me to the point where I couldn't feel my appendages at the end of the week, and I knew if I didn't get some serious R&R in over the weekend there would be a glazed-eyed, drooling, bobble-headed buffoon sitting at my desk come Monday morning.

Well, more so than usual.

So this past weekend I did the following:

I slept.

I ate.

I went to the bathroom.

I watched television.

I napped.

I repeated all of the above.

And I did absolutely nothing else. Nothing at all. I didn't get dressed. I didn't take a shower. I didn't cook, clean, or anything remotely resembling it. I didn't think about work. I vegetated. That was the only thing I did.

And behold, it was good.

Today I felt human again. I was able to concentrate on work and actually interact with human beings on a level other than grunting and gestures. I made progress.

And now, I fear I am to be silenced once again.

This part of the country is due for 1/2 -1" of ice tonight. It's already started coming down, and the streets are slick and dangerous. Power lines will likely go down if this keeps up, meaning our computer service will be gone. Thankfully, due to the tornado we had a few years ago we have very few trees left in the immediate neighborhood to snap the power lines, so it will be just the ice that weighs them down. Not so thankfully, the Hubster has to go out to go to work in this stuff around 3 a.m., and I'll follow suit around 8 a.m.

Prayers for a quick warm-up would be appreciated. That, and if y'all could just step outside with your hairdryers on and aimed this way....


Linds said...

Wow. My hairdryer is a little far away I feel. But prayers I can do. I am so glad you are feeling better. I need a weekend like that too or burn out springs to mind. Look after yourself.

Susanne said...

I need a weekend just like that, but alas it is not to be before Christmas. But I am so doing this on my week off after Christmas. I can hardly wait.