Friday, November 23, 2007

Day Twenty-Three - Someone Wake Me When It's Time For Pie

Tonight I am going to the movies.

Once again I have the privilege of working for the company who sees fit to employ me in a pseudo-job I love to do, so I will go and do that job for them. And I will not only do that job, but I will sit and enjoy the benefit of watching the entire movie I missed out on last week.

You know, the one that caused me to get a ticket. The one that I still haven't taken care of, but I really will very soon.


It is indeed a wonder unto itself.

Another wonder: I went to both Thanksgiving celebrations yesterday, both my mom's and the one I foisted off on the nephew. The ER Creep may have had the bedside manner of a goat, but he gave me some REALLY GOOD cough syrup. And while I did not cough much, I did have a hard time staying awake. And while I did have a hard time staying awake, apparently I am quite adept at sleep-eating.

And napping in between.

Because nothing says "Thank You, Heavenly Father, for all your blessings this past year!" like a drugged-up, comatose woman who is shoving multitudes of starches down her gullet between snores. Nope, nothing indeed.

I do hope y'all had just a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, and that you got enough leftovers to enjoy for the coming week. For now, I'm off to gaze at the big screen without falling asleep. Then I'm driving home at a leisurely pace, free from the pressure of posting before the witching hour.

Take care and enjoy your evening!

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