Friday, November 16, 2007

Day Sixteen - I'll Fly Away

Today at 7:12 p.m. I officially became one of the few, the proud, THE VACATIONING!

For one solid week, actually TEN WHOLE DAYS, I will be the same as unemployed. Except that, you know, I'll be getting paid and all. And I'll have a job to go back to. And they can call me at any time with any problem that may arise for any reason, and I'll probably check my email and do a few things that need doing while I'm gone and stuff.

But hey, other than that? I'M FREE AS A BIRD!!

Well, other than the fact that I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for thirty people on Thursday. And get the hallway that I've been procrastinating doing a wallpaper job on for the past eleventy gazillion months wallpapered before they all come. And then there's the shopping and the chopping and the baking and the mixing and the boiling and the chilling and the stuffing and the mashing and the ....well, you get the idea.

But other than that? I'M FLYING FREE!!!

And, um, the house? It kind of has to be majorly cleaned before All The People rain down upon it Thursday evening. Majorly. And there's, like, this laundry pile that dates back to sometime before the birth of Christ that I have to deal with at some point. Honestly, there are some really STINKIN' togas at the bottom of that pile...I know there are....

I'm thinking my wings are beginning to be a bit clipped.

The sheets on the beds need changing. My roots are a good two inches out. (Let's all say it together now...."UGH!!!") The dog even needs to be groomed. Hubster and The Boy both need haircuts, and I could use a pedicure. The blinds all need a good scrub, and there are cobwebs in the rafters.

I do believe my feathers are molting.

I'm thinking by the time I get back to work I'll be kissing the desk I left, vowing never to leave it again.

Well, at least until December.

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