Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day Six - It's A Sad, Sad Day When This Is All I Have To Write About

In a fit of thrifty-headedness this past week, I must admit to making a severe mistake.

I am not a name-brand kinda gal. I buy the cheap stuff because almost always it ends up that the cheap, no-name stuff is just as good as the higher-priced animal. At least when it comes to most grocery items.

However, being as I am ALWAYS one to admit my faults and apologize first for any and all mistakes and misleading (COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH) I must say this:



Because they aren't. The best choice, that is. Unless you like chocolate-flavored wax, and then they're just wondermous beyond all get out.

However, if you're planning to make chocolate chip cookies or maybe even just snack on some dark chocolate goodness? Run far, far away from this "brand" - and I use that term ever so loosely.

Get thee instead back to the tried and true Nestle's chocolate chips!

I actually had this mental picture of me coming back to the family homestead, covered in the chocolate-flavored wax product that masquerades as chocolate chips, with my mother rushing out to greet me.

"Give this girl a bath!" she says. "Bake some REAL chocolate chip cookies! Spare no expense! Call Omar the Tentmaker to sew her some new clothes! The prodigal daughter has returned to the Nestle home!"

Only in the original story in my head, Mom was a giant chocolate chip and I was returning home to the HUGE yellow Nestle bag. But, you know, that sounded kind of strange so I decided to change it. To something...um...you could really BELIEVE and all.

I may have to have the elders of the church lay hands on me and annoint me with oil for this mental affliction I seem to have.

But it had better be name-brand oil.


Carol said...

I've noticed that, too! Not about the chocolate chips, I mean, but about the off-brand stuff. Some of it really is every bit as good as the name-brand, maybe even better when you factor in the savings, but some just doesn't cut it, you know?

Don't mess with chocolate!

HeyJules said...

I'm so with you! I will try a no-name brand but it better be as good or they'll never see me again!

One of the best finds I've ever made? HyVee Cocoa Krispies cereal knock off. Wow...every bit as good as the real thing and about 1/2 the price!

groovyoldlady said...

Cheap chocolate is just STEEPED in original sin!