Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day Seven - Brew Who Who?

My addiction to caffeine is a thing of record.

I have no excuse. I have no other argument, I have no other plea.

I am guilty.

And so it was that I reacted with great fear and trepidation upon finding that our source, our supplier, our CAFFEINE PUSHER was going out of business because they'd been bought by another company. And this company was not going to supply me with the daily fix I, and so many others like me, need to provide services to those in need without losing our collective minds or swinging from the rafters.

We are nothing if not a mentally stable lot.

But we know not to mess with someone who hasn't had their first cuppa joe for the day. The results just aren't pretty. Not pretty at all.

So, the search is on.

Today we had a tasting party at breaktime which consisted of doughnuts, cookies, and liquid mud. Bitter liquid mud. But hey, they were right in the ball park when it came to price....

Next Wednesday we'll have another tasting party with another company. This one has a sales rep that "lives and breathes the business" and promises the best service, the best prices, the best coffee in town, blahblahblahblahblah. We'll see what he can come up with when push comes to shove. I mean, we're no amateurs here. We've done this before.

Then there's the poor guy who's going to try to sell the liquid coffee and fake milk in a machine that makes cappucinos, lattes, etc. Although he's sweet, I'm just not feelin' it. After all, he doesn't carry the K-Cups for the Keurig machine, so he really might as well not bother.

We've become such coffee snobs. But in my business, especially at this time of year, coffee is the gasoline that keeps our motors running. We have too much to do to be dragging, and we'll take advantage of any artificial means necessary (and legal) to keep us going.

Anybody know a good dealer? 'Cause I'm lookin' to score some primo stuff...


Linds said...

I am with you on the coffee thing. Oh yes.

And you are right. You are lucky you live rather further than my pitching extent! But you did make me grin albeit rather ruefully!

groovyoldlady said...

We coffee snobs know that it's all about the anti-oxidants. Really.